Restoring Our Coast - Who Pays?

Description: The Louisiana wetlands have disappeared at an alarming rate making New Orleans vulnerable to hurricanes. Scientists estimate that up to 65 percent of the the destruction is due to oil and gas activities. Yet the oil industry is not being asked to pay a penny to fix what they broke. This film lays out the legal case about why they should.

"Created by filmmaker Walter Williams, this concise and compelling film is worth watching by all who are concerned about the long-term sustainability of New Orleans and Louisiana's coastal communities." - Gulf Restoration Network

Watch filmmaker Walter Williams' short documentary using Google Video.


The Louisiana Wetlands Affect EVERYONE:

To learn more about the Louisiana Wetlands, ACT recommends the specialists at the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN). Here are some quotes we've selected from the GRN's website:

"Wetlands are extremely valuable to society. Wetlands can decrease flooding, remove pollutants from water, recharge groundwater, protect shorelines, provide habitat for wildlife, and serve important recreational and cultural functions. Taken as a whole, it is estimated that the aggregate value of services generated by wetlands throughout the world is $4.9 trillion per year (Costanza et al. 1997)."

"If wetlands are lost, the cost of replacing them can be extremely expensive, if at all possible. Lost wetlands can result in a city having to invest more money in drinking water treatment or higher costs to citizens for flood insurance."

"Wetlands loss often leads to declining water quality, a loss of habitat for wildlife and commercial fisheries species, and increased vulnerability to hurricanes and floods for coastal communities."

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service estimates that over half of the wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico were lost between 1780 and 1980. In fact, the nation has lost almost 30,000 acres of coastal wetlands in the past six years! Also, if you don't include man-made ponds, the nation has lost over 500,000 acres in the same time period."



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