A Conscious Tune is designed to spread education about New Orleans to a national audience and to motivate people to volunteer and play their own role in the vigor that is rebuilding our city.

A Conscious Tune produces and promotes benefit concerts featuring bands that consistently generate profits in the city where they have the most dedicated fan base.

Revenue generated through our programs will be allocated to community-based initiatives, groups dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of New Orleans, those working to improve education and groups providing music programs.

ACT thoroughly researches and interviews the organizations to which proceeds will be allocated by carefully choosing groups who are dedicated and working hands-on to provide positive improvement to the infrastructure of New Orleans and the Louisiana Wetlands.

By exercising careful planning and extensive promotion, ACT will make the music community aware of the cause behind the benefit.

At each benefit concert ACT will set up educational / donation booths that through photography and promotional materials illustrate (1) the hardships confronting New Orleans Post-Katrina, (2) the organizations that are working hard to find sustainable solutions for the people and (3) ways in which people can donate money and volunteer in New Orleans.

ACT will have speakers and cultural icons at each benefit concert to educate the music community on the situation still affecting New Orleans and to inspire them to stay active and involved in rebuilding efforts.

ACT is not trying to create a huge volunteer base or develop a large staff; rather, A Conscious Tune is concerned with helping existing programs that display positive results within their organizations, thus allowing ACT to concentrate on successful fundraising in order to contribute to the groups that are already doing the best work in our city.

ACT will advertise for our sources of support at each benefit concert and on the World Wide Web.

By supporting A Conscious Tune, you are helping repair one of the most unique cultures in America. Your contributions will also assist our website, which is a medium for the community to raise awareness about New Orleans' critical issues and work toward progress.



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