ACT is looking for organizations that are interested in sponsoring this program. Please visit our sponsors page to find out how you can play a vital role in this network dedicated to rebuilding a better New Orleans.

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This site is under construction. In the future, we will accept secure donations online. Until then, if you are interested in making a donation, then please contact us.

To donate directly to one of our beneficiary organizations, please visit the following pages. If you heard about them through us, we ask that you please let them know. Thank you.

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The artistic merit of this project is layered in music, art, photography and graphic design. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

  • A Conscious Tune is looking for musicians who are interested in performing at an ACT event and already possess the ability to generate a measurable amount of proceeds.
  • Artist who reside in the New Orleans area are needed for the paper-mâché work necessary to create our Mardi Gras outreach booths as well as other interior decorations.
  • ACT is looking for New Orleans photographers whose work illustrates the multifaceted nature of New Orleans and the Louisiana Wetlands.
  • Graphic artists are needed to help design website details in addition to the promotional materials to be distributed at our benefit concerts.

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This website is intended to show how groups and people are coming together to rebuild a better New Orleans. ACT encourages everyone to contact us and contribute content and ideas. All of your input plays a vital role in the ACT community. Thank you for becoming a part of A Conscious Tune.

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A Conscious Tune strives to promote New Orleans through our website and our benefit concerts. It is crucial to spread the word about this online network in order to gain the contributions needed to make this vision a reality. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of our official street team.

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At each benefit concert, volunteers are needed to man the outreach booths, sell merchandise and help with ambiance and hospitality. Volunteers must exude honest karma, be genuinely concerned with the beneficiary organizations and become familiar with their programs before the event. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you.

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