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A Conscious Tune, Inc. (ACT) produces and promotes benefit concerts that raise public awareness about local organizations that have a remarkable volunteer base and a significant impact toward improving living conditions in New Orleans. Through benefit concerts and a website, ACT will spread education on the unique culture of New Orleans, issues confronting the city and the positive ways in which people can volunteer and contribute to the organizations that are coming together to find sustainable solutions for the people.

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ACT benefit concerts are designed to bring the New Orleans spirit to any location. ACT will target key U.S. cities to emphasize to their music communities that New Orleans is still in need of attention and aid if we want to rebuild one of the greatest cultural and musical icons of our country. These concerts will feature New Orleans musicians and other nationally renowned bands as well as a second-line brass band to provide the interactive musical experience that is usually found only in New Orleans. On top of all that, an inspiring and vivacious New Orleans cultural icon will preside as Master of Ceremonies. ACT will also exhibit local photography and art to illustrate the multifaceted nature of New Orleans and the Louisiana Wetlands.

One of the main objectives of these benefit concerts is to spread education about New Orleans to a national audience and to motivate people to volunteer and play their own role in the vigor that is rebuilding our city. To enhance the New Orleans experience, locally designed Mardi Gras floats that serve as outreach booths will distribute Mardi Gras throws along with information highlighting some of the organizations that are actively repairing the city. Information will be presented on specific nonprofits and ways in which people can volunteer and donate directly to rebuilding efforts.

Though ACT does not currently have 501(c)(3) status, all business is conducted on a not-for-profit basis. ACT is not trying to create a huge volunteer base or develop a large staff; rather, A Conscious Tune is concerned with helping existing programs that display positive results within their organizations, thus allowing ACT to concentrate on successful fundraising in order to contribute to the groups that are already doing the best work in our city. Profits generated through these programs will be allocated to community-based initiatives, groups dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of New Orleans, those working to improve education and groups providing music education programs. ACT thoroughly researches the organizations to which proceeds will be allocated by carefully choosing groups that are dedicated and working hands-on to provide positive improvement to the infrastructure of New Orleans and the Louisiana Wetlands. ACT promises to monitor the on-going efforts of these groups in order to make sure that the money raised is continuously spent effectively and having a measurable impact on rebuilding New Orleans.

ACT hopes that the spread of New Orleans music, the speakers at these concerts, the outreach booths and this website will teach the music community and the public at large more about our unique city and inspire people to contribute. Through this method of outreach, ACT is striving to play its own role in reviving, preserving and nourishing the culture of New Orleans... Yea you right.

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At each benefit concert, ACT illustrates the current conditions of New Orleans and the Louisiana Wetlands while presenting information on specific nonprofits and ways in which people can get involved and contribute monetarily. ACT promises to monitor the on-going efforts of the groups to which proceeds are allocated in order to make sure that the money generated is continuously spent effectively and is having a measurable impact on rebuilding New Orleans. In addition to our traveling concert series, ACT assists local nonprofits in planning benefit concerts within the New Orleans area. Also, ACT’s website, another integral part to our educational mission, offers information on New Orleans culture and heritage, local bands and artists, recycling and conservation, alternative health options, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, wetlands restoration, ways to seek assistance and community development while serving as a medium for the community to discuss these conditions and work toward progress. ACT extensively advertises for all of our sponsors, partnering groups, bands and beneficiary organizations at each of our benefit concerts and on our website.

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Raise Money:

A Conscious Tune will raise money to preserve and nourish New Orleans where it is most important: within the neighborhoods. The organizations that ACT supports include...

Groups dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of New Orleans such as

  • Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs
  • Mardi Gras Indians
  • Second Line Parade Groups

Educational programs working to

  • provide schools with classroom materials
  • create after-school programs
  • support student music programs
  • improve adult literacy

Community based initiatives that are

  • repairing the Louisiana Wetlands
  • assisting in rebuilding & repair for low-income families
  • enriching the music community
  • creating community gardens, parks & recreational areas
  • providing alternative health options
  • advancing affordable green housing, energy efficiency & renewable energy
  • promoting recycling & conservation

Raise Awareness:

Through our website, outreach booths and speakers at our benefit concerts, ACT is working to raise awareness in the music community and the public at large about critical issues affecting daily life in New Orleans, the future of the city and the organizations working hard to solve these problems. ACT provides education on

  • the organizations that are actively reviving New Orleans
  • the Louisiana Wetlands
  • New Orleans culture, heritage & events
  • issues affecting the city
  • recycling & conservation
  • green building, energy efficiency & renewable energy

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